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Afsoon Hagh

1516 16th Ave S
Nashville, Tennessee 37212


Afsoon was born and raised in south Nashville.  Her parents came from Iran to study in the United States in 1979 just before the revolution and never returned because of the national political turmoil. When she was 13 years old, she started working in the family’s dry cleaning business on Murfreesboro Road during the hot Nashville summers.  Most days, her father would leave home for work at 4 a.m. and return home for dinner after 6 p.m., always with a smile on his face.  Afsoon appreciated the reason for his long hours – to provide for his family. She was inspired by his strong will and tireless effort to live the American dream.  She learned the values of hard work from her father and grace and compassion from her mother.  Her parents were always helping people in the community.  She wanted to be like them.

Afsoon thought that she could best help people as an attorney. When Afsoon was accepted to law school, she took a long-overdue trip with her parents. Her father started having back pains during the vacation.  In July 2006, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 33 days later.  To no one’s surprise, he smiled until the end.  To fulfill her goal of becoming a lawyer and making a difference for people, Afsoon packed the car and left for law school less than a week after the funeral.  She wanted to stay home with her mom – whose grace would not allow it.

Dealing with the loss of her father has been Afsoon’s greatest challenge. Her personal struggle allows her to identify with the challenges facing the hard-working families that need her help now.  For Afsoon, being a lawyer requires an understanding of the impact injuries and the loss of loved ones have on a family and relying on her own experiences to provide a positive outcome. Afsoon strives to make this major difference in her clients’ lives every day.

If she is not at the office, Afsoon is probably at the gym or practicing hot yoga. She loves watching football, basketball and tennis. In fact, when she was younger she dreamed of being a reporter on Monday Night Football.  But most importantly, Afsoon loves the time she spends with her mother, whom she sees as the epitome of strength and grace.

Afsoon is an Associate Attorney with the Nashville based Rocky McElhaney Law Firm.  Afsoon’s practice focuses on workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Afsoon is a 2001 graduate of Ezell-Harding High School. In 2004, Afsoon obtained her B.S. in Mass Communication from Middle Tennessee State University.  She is a 2009 graduate of Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis where she was the recipient of the Memphis Access and Diversity Law Scholarship. During her final year in law school, Afsoon was the Vice-President of the Public Action Law Society, a student-lead organization that strives to promote volunteerism, community service and a pattern of activities that will encourage pro bono work after becoming attorneys.

Afsoon is a member of the Tennessee Association for Justice, the Nashville Bar Association, and the Tennessee Bar Association.