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Harold F. Cook

8114 Cantrell Road, Suite 100
Little Rock, Arkansas 72227


Hal Cook is the President of Cook Law Firm, P.A., a multi-state personal injury law firm with offices in Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.

Born and raised in Ohio, Hal moved to Texas to begin a law enforcement career after graduation from Kent State University in 1976. While completing MBA graduate work at Dallas Baptist University, he pursued a law degree while working full-time with the County of Dallas, Texas. Awarded a Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University-School of Law in 1994.

Hal entered private practice after retiring from public sector employment in 1998. Hal's previous employment includes fifteen (15) years of administrative and management responsibilities as the Assistant Director of Public Safety with Dallas County in Dallas, Texas, and as a Chief of Police in Texas.

Now, as President and CEO of Cook Law Firm, Hal has over sixteen years’ experience in the personal injury field and is a member of dozens of prestigious associations and groups.