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Jeremy Tipton

1755 Telstar Drive, Suite 300
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920


Jeremy’s passion is helping those who have gone through tragic events in their lives. His goal is to help his clients recover and adjust to their new normal. He accomplishes this goal by zealously advocating for his clients throughout the entire insurance claim process. He will not be bullied by insurance companies who undervalue his cases based on their flawed reasoning.

If the claim cannot be resolved without filing a lawsuit, Jeremy is a skilled trial attorney who is dedicated to lead his clients to victory in the courtroom. He is a natural when it comes to developing unique trial strategies for each of his clients. He acknowledges that no two cases are the same, so he develops a unique approach for each case that he manages. Throughout the entire process, Jeremy makes it a priority to stay in contact with his clients to ensure they are informed of their options and kept up-to-speed on their case progression.