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K. C. Harpring

950 S. Cherry St., Ste. 300
Denver, Colorado 80246


K.C. grew up in Southern Indiana, near Louisville, Kentucky. He attended Purdue University, where he studied History, with minors in Political Science, Peace Studies, and Global Studies of the Middle East. After college, he moved to Denver because of his love for the outdoors and memories of great family vacations in Colorado as a kid.

In 2011, he moved to Chicago to study law at DePaul University College of Law, with a plan to return to Colorado in the future. While there, he participated in Moot Court, the Poverty Law Clinic, and Litigation Lab, and he was a member of the National Lawyers' Guild. In 2012 he moved to Madrid, Spain and completed a year-long Masters of Law in International and European Business Law. He then returned to Chicago and completed his J.D. in 2014, graduating Cum Laude and obtaining a Certificate Degree in International & Comparative Law. Following graduation from DePaul, he returned to Colorado as planned.

After passing the Colorado Bar Exam in 2014, K.C. worked for just short of a year at a high-volume plaintiff's personal injury firm. While there, he developed a passion for the clients and their stories. K.C. has always had a desire to do meaningful work that improves the day-to-day lives of real people, as opposed to aiding the bottom line of some large, faceless company. He also has had a desire to be in a courtroom and litigating cases since his first day in law school. Personal injury fit those desires perfectly. However, K.C. was not satisfied with the working environment and general treatment of clients at the high-volume firm he worked at. After leaving there, he partnered up with Sean because he also had a different vision for how to achieve the best results for each client individually. Instead of trying to fit every client into one method of practice, K.C. and Sean work hard to tailor their work to each client's specific needs.

Outside of personal injury, K.C. likes devoting what time he can to pro-bono work. He is especially fond of immigration advocacy. In his free time away from all work, K.C. enjoys many hobbies. A life-long soccer player, he does his best to get out and play when he can, and he attends the Rapids' home matches whenever possible. K.C. moved to Colorado primarily for the lifestyle, and so he spends a great amount of time skiing, hiking, camping, and learning to climb and mountaineer. He also plays drums, enjoys reading fiction, and brews his own beer.