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Matthew B. Long, J.D

205 Demonbreu Dr. Suite 2703
Nashville, Tennessee 37201


You only get one shot at your case, so picking the right attorney is important.  By working as part of a powerful firm and staying very active in state and national organizations, I provide you with experience and resources collected from the country’s best attorneys.  I have a unique amount of experience, a glimpse of which is offered herein.  I invite you to contact me if you would like to know more.

Growing up as part of a small-town, hard-working family taught me the value of hard work and dedication; it also created a mindset that anything I do will be done in a way that I can take pride in it. By applying these values to every challenge that I am presented with, I have become the first person in my family to earn a four-year degree and have enjoyed success into and through law school. While in law school, I earned the honor of serving as an intern with local attorneys, judges, and even the Supreme Court of Tennessee.  These experiences have provided me with a unique depth of insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and technical details of your case necessary to see it to a successful end.

Being from a close-knit family also provided me with a sense of empathy that has provided me the ability to understand and communicate well with others; more importantly, however, that empathy allows me to understand the impact that each case has on you as well as your family. I now apply my hometown values, education, and legal experience to advocate zealously for your case.

In today's world of litigation, few cases make it to trial and very few attorneys have actual trial experience, let alone enough to be comfortable at it.  Being an experienced trial attorney, however, pushes up the settlement value of all of my cases, partially because defendants know that I will go to trial if necessary, but also due to the ability to properly build a case with an understanding about how all the parts of a case are supposed to work together.  For this reason, I am proud to consider myself a Trial Lawyer, and I remain very active in continuing education across the country to develop my trial tactics and skills.