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Robert E. Blythe

72960 Fred Waring Dr
Palm Desert, California 92260


Robert Blythe brings a unique experience to the field of personal injury law. He is able to bring insight to the damage areas of clients claims by implementing his knowledge base of medicine and injuries. These areas are often times not understood by other personal injury practitioners.

Prior to becoming an attorney in 1980, he  worked at both UCLA's School of Medicine Emergency Department and The Santa Monica Hospital Emergency Department in emergency medical trauma.

A critical area when engaged in the practice of personal injury law is understanding the injury and understanding the residual impact it will have over the course of the clients life.

Many lawyers will hire a physician to explain an injury to them. Truly understanding the medicine is often an unattainable goal for attorneys - not only understanding the medicine but, having seen the injury and treatment "up close and personal," takes the personal injury attorney to a new plateau.

Having the ability to effectively cross-examine an insurance company's doctor, all the while clearly understanding the medicine as well as the injury, and its anticipated impact on a client/patients life is a rare skill set indeed. Effectively, providing a jury with this complex information in a fashion they can digest is concomitantly unique.

These are the skills that separate the average personal injury practitioner from the learned, skilled trial lawyer.

Mr. Blythe has cross examined literally thousands of expert medical witnesses over his 35 years of practice. He has used his unique powers of presentation of an injury to resolve a large number of cases in the six and seven figure range for his clients. He has the distinction of obtaining some of the largest settlements prior to and during trial in California for particular cases he has handled.