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Personal Injury Articles - Automobile Accident

$11M Awarded in Toyota Camry Sudden Unintended Acceleration Lawsuit

An $11 million verdict has been awarded to the plaintiffs in a Toyota sudden acceleration personal injury lawsuit resulting from a defect in a 1996 Camry. The jury ruled that the defect contributed to an accident which left three people dead and two seriously injured.... Link to Full Article

Air Canada Turbulence: What are the Rights of Passengers Injured on a Flight?

If you’ve been injured while on an airplane, a number of factors can determine what kind of compensation you’re entitled to, experts say. A sudden, severe incident of turbulence caused Air Canada Flight 33 to be diverted to Honolulu Thursday — leaving almost 40 passengers injured in the process.... Link to Full Article

Auto collision suit settles before trial

Before a jury could be called up on Monday, a suit brought by a Jasper County man, who claims a truck driver struck his vehicle while he was attempting to evade a car that had come into his lane, settled.... Link to Full Article

Automobile Black Boxes (Expert Law)


Electronic sensors are gaining wide use in today's vehicles, which are primarily driven by the automobile industry's move towards electronically controlled systems.... Link to Full Article

California Bicyclist Awarded $34 Million After Losing Leg Due to a Trucker’s Negligence

A California jury awarded 21-year old Alan Casillas $34 million after he was struck by a truck trailer when a negligent employee made an improper turn.... Link to Full Article

Couple to be sentenced in fatal Pacific Palisades hit and run

The case against Marguerite Vuong and her husband, Michael, is headed for a conclusion Friday, when a judge will sentence the 67-year-old couple in the fatal hit-and-run.... Link to Full Article

Handling Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents occur when two or more vehicles collide and one party flees the scene with the vehicle or on foot. When an accident is impacted by one of the parties fleeing, the case can often become more complicated.... Link to Full Article

Harley Davidson Brake Failure Subject of NHTSA Investigation

Harley Davidson Motorcycles is the focus of a safety investigation by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency has just announced it will launch an investigation into reports that some Harley-Davidson Inc, motorcycles have defective brakes.... Link to Full Article

How To Get Your Lost Wages Reimbursed After Injury From Car Accident

If you are either a passenger in a vehicle, a bicyclist or pedestrian, and you’re injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you’re entitled to receive lost wages through No-Fault insurance coverage.... Link to Full Article

Jury Awards $11 Million in Lawsuit over Auto Defect

 A federal jury ruled that Toyota bore most of the responsibility in a 2006 car crash that took the lives of three people, CBS Minneapolis reported. But it also placed some blame on the driver of the vehicle, who was jailed as a result but later released.... Link to Full Article

Personal injury lawyers target Snapchat as reason for potential car crash suits

Personal injury lawyers across the country have been asking people if they've been in a car accident that may have involved Snapchat.... Link to Full Article

Self-Driving Cars and Liability

Soon, self-driving cars will start making their way onto roadways across the world. The first wave of autonomous vehicles is expected to enter the market for consumers by 2020 (Stoll, John D., GM Executive Credits Silicon Valley for Accelerating Development of Self-Driving Cars, The Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2016). But as these vehicles become widespread and accidents inevitably occur, the traditional system for compensating those injured in accidents must change to consider who is liable.... Link to Full Article

Seven-figure lawsuit filed in 2013 SXSW hit-and-run

The victim of a 2013 South by Southwest festival hit-and-run crash has filed a civil suit seeking more than $1 million in damages in Travis County District Court. The accident happened about one year prior to a tragic SXSW crash that left four people dead and many more injured in 2014.... Link to Full Article

Understanding How Negligence Impacts Your Car Accident Claim

Personal injury and property damage claims arising from auto accidents are by no means easily won when there are multiple individuals who share in the fault for the accident. Negligence is a primary factor in all personal injury claims, as it is the charge of the plaintiff legal counsel to prove that an injury occurred to their client and the injury was the result of a failure to provide a reasonable duty of care by the respondent.... Link to Full Article

What To Do After A Traffic Accident

Traffic accidents in the United States kill tens of thousands and injure millions every year. Even the safest driver can expect to suffer at least one serious crash in his or her lifetime. It is therefore important that every driver prepares for the eventuality of an accident so to be ready when it occurs. ... Link to Full Article

You Have Been Involved in an Uber Accident: What Next?

In 2010, Uber rolled out its ridesharing app. Its services are revolutionizing the ridesharingindustry and have been growing exponentially. As of 2018, the company had 75 million riders and 3 million drivers globally, doubling the numbers released a years earlier. Unfortunately, this sensational growth might hit a bump in the way because of increasing concerns about commuters’ safety. Word-of-mouth anecdotes and high-profile assault cases may leave most people wondering how safe ridesharing service is.... Link to Full Article