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Personal Injury Articles - Medical Malpractice 

$5 Million Award for Knee Replacement Gone Bad

After a 20-day trial, a Cook County, Illinois court jury returned a verdict that awarded Celeste Trevino and her husband Ignacio Trevino $5,835,000 million due to the failure of two doctors to spot a leakage from an artery after a knee replacement operation.... Link to Full Article

Alton Memorial denies liability in medical malpractice lawsuit involving brain-damaged patient

Madelyn Charnas blames the hospital for causing her husband’s injuries, saying it negligently failed to properly monitor him, failed to seek an order for continuous pulse oximetry, failed to take her husband’s vital signs and failed to properly program the PCA pump.... Link to Full Article

A Roadmap for Parents Considering a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

It is very unsettling to be confronted with the thought that your child may have suffered harm at the hands of a medical professional in whom you put your trust. In addition to the heightened concerns over your child’s health, the added anxiety surrounding legal issues can seem overwhelming.... Link to Full Article

Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Placing a loved one in a nursing home is often a very difficult decision that a family has to make. Usually, a family makes this decision because ultimately they believe their loved one will have a better life and be well taken care of. However, in some Florida nursing facilities, families learn that not only is their loved one not being taken care of properly, they are also being actively abused. Currently in the United States, there are close to 3 million people housed in various forms of nursing facilities. By far, most of these facilities do their jobs and do them well. But there are some facilities and some staff members who fail in their responsibilities.... Link to Full Article

Dallas Jury in $6.8M Verdict Against Hospital that Let Heart Patient Go Blind

A jury in Texas returned a $6,844,543 verdict against the Heart Hospital Baylor Plano for allowing a heart patient to go permanently blind from a complication of open heart surgery.... Link to Full Article

Doctor defends use of pump in delivery that prompted malpractice suit

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Family of N.J. girl declared dead files malpractice suit claiming hospital pressured them for organs

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court, alleges the hospital recommended a complex and risky surgery, botched the operation and didn't respond promptly and properly enough to prevent McMath from sustaining severe brain damage.

Family members also say in the lawsuit they were pressured to donate McMath's organs after a chaotic an emotional scene at the hospital, and after its pediatric chief, slammed his fists on a table and said, "What is it you don't understand? She is dead, dead, dead, dead."

The family is seeking unspecified damages as a result of alleged medical negligence and the emotional distress they suffered.

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Five Major Medical Malpractice Cases that Preceded Last Weeks “Record-Setting†Verdict against Hopkins Bayview

Last week, a jury awarded a mother whose baby suffered a brain injury during birth at Johns Hopkins Bayview $229 million — a record sum, her lawyers said.The baby, who is now 4-years-old, has brain damage due to a lack of oxygen during her delivery. She has cerebral palsy, uses a feeding tube and requires 24/7 care.... Link to Full Article

Man sues eye doctor, Marshall for negligence

A man is suing Marshall University Board of Governors and a physician he claims was negligent in caring for his eye problem.... Link to Full Article

Medical Malpractice: When Can Patients Sue a Hospital for Negligence?

If you are injured when receiving medical treatment in a hospital, can you sue the hospital for negligence or medical malpractice? Though hospitals are often on the hook for incompetent care provided by employees like nurses and medical technicians, they often are not responsible for a doctor's medical malpractice.... Link to Full Article

Senate Hearing Examines “Devastating†Nursing Home Abuse

When Maya Fischer answered, a nurse from the nursing home where her mother had been staying for more than a decade was on the other end of the line. In her Minnesota home, Fischer braced herself for difficult news.
"When you receive a phone call from the nursing home, your first thought is that ... my mother has passed," Fischer said.
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State medical malpractice claims reach record low

The number of medical malpractice lawsuits fell to 84 last year from 140 in 2013. There were 294 suits filed in 1999.... Link to Full Article

What is required to file a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be very complex. They can often be difficult-to-navigate mazes involving expert witnesses and legal issues like "standard of care" and causation. Even for the seasoned medical malpractice lawyer, these cases can present a formidable challenge.... Link to Full Article